Aloha this is Vince Ray (310-291-4378) and we have been teaching surfing since 1989 and have directed the Hermosa Surf Camp since 1992!

We live and love the healthy athletic surfing lifestyle and want to share it with you! Surfing can be a difficult sport to learn, but with our special teaching techniques, one-on-one attention, safe conditions and correct equipment you will have fun riding waves your first time.

Safety is our first concern so you will be surfing at a sandy beach in front of a manned Lifeguard Tower. You will ride small waves on our safe and fun soft surfboards. Try different size boards! We have body boards and surfboards from 5′ to 11′ length and stand-up paddle boards. We will be in the water with you, helping you handle the board, paddle-out and catch waves correctly. Our instructors are experienced surfers and teachers. Many of our instructors have California Teaching Credentials and work in the local schools.

During the summer, we offer the Hermosa Surf Camp sponsored by Spyder Surfboards, Hurley and Kinecta Federal Credit Union. The camp is for ages 7 to 17. Classes are Monday through Friday, (nine- five day sessions), June through August. This is our 29th anniversary of the Hermosa Surf Camp!

These classes are administered by the City of Hermosa Beach Community Resources Department. Registration at 310-318-0280.

Join over 8000 successful students. You are guaranteed to ride a wave your first lesson!

For private or small group surfing lessons:  
The private or small group surfing lessons and surfing birthday parties are for all ages and are held in the South Bay, 5 1/2 miles south of LAX airport at a LA County Lifeguard Tower.
To Register: Vince Ray at 310-291-4378.

For more information or to sign up click on: 
Lessons and Classes Available
Or call Vince Ray at cell 310-291-4378 

How we different from other surf camps.

We have the most experience, this summer will be the Hermosa Surf Camps 29th year! We have been teaching surfing professionally for 32 years. Join over 8000 happy students!

Many of our instructors work in the local public  schools. They have California Teaching Credentials and one is finishing a Master Degree in  Special Education. Two of our instructors are Red Cross Lifeguards, Water Safety Instructors  and Swimming Teachers. Most of our instructors have been with us for many years. They are among the highest paid in the industry. Our younger teachers were in the surf camp for years or are junior lifeguards and on their high school surf team.

We carry a lesson plan on the beach in a zip lock  bag. It is available on our web site in the image gallery. It is a work in progress and we update it. Do other camps have lesson plans or make them easy to view?

We have created many new instructional strategies  to help students learn surfing quicker and safer. We videotape the classes to check on the effectiveness of our teaching techniques.

We treat students as individual learners and use strategies from regular and special education teacher training. We set high goals and check often for understanding. We change the lesson as water conditions dictate or as needed to improve instruction.

Our location south of the Hermosa Pier has smaller waves and rip tides than Manhattan Beach. Manhattan and Redondo beaches are often crowded with expert surfers, body boarders, stand-up paddlers and swimmers. Hermosa Beach has less people in the water making it a fun, safe place to learn.  Hermosa has less shore-break (waves that break real close to shore in shallow water) than Redondo and Torrance beaches making for longer and safer rides.

We are located between the the L.A. County Lifeguard Southern Headquarters at the Hermosa Pier and the 10th street Lifeguard Tower for safety. Our surf  camp has an easy, safe drop off location and plenty of parking at 10th or 11th streets. Bathrooms and showers are located at the pier.

Surfboard, body board, wetsuit and bicycle rentals are available nearby. After surfing enjoy the famous 28 mile bike path along the beach. There are many great family owned restaurants and taverns and eclectic shopping all within walking distance.

For more information or private or small group surfing

lessons contact:

Vince Ray 310-291-4378