Private Surfing Lessons- All ages

For private or small group surfing lessons contact


Vince Ray 310-291-4378


Learn all the surfing or body boarding basics quickly in a private or small group lesson from our expert instructors. The lessons are set up to get you surfing on your own correctly and safely. You will obtain many years of surfing knowledge in a few lessons!

You will learn how to paddle out, catch a wave, stand up, turn and do tricks like switch foot, the coffin and nose ride. Find out about ocean conditions, animals and the right equipment for you. Discover travel to exotic beaches, safe places to practice and surfing’s mysterious etiquette!

The instructors will be in the water with you,helping you paddle out and catch waves. Intermediate swimming skills are required. A safe soft surfboard or body board is provided for your use. Try different size boards to see which suits you best. We have over 40 surfboards ranging from 5′ to 11′ and body boards.

The lessons are scheduled to fit your busy schedule and run 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Big waves, crowds or high tide will be avoided.

You are guaranteed to ride a wave your first lesson!


At the South Bay beaches, in front of a manned L.A. County Lifeguard tower. Lessons are available 7 days a week depending on conditions.

Owners Biography

Hi, this is Vince Ray, I grew up surfing in Hermosa Beach, California and have surfed most of the beaches from San Francisco to San Diego. We have traveled many times to Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico and the East Coast to surf.

As a top amateur surfer, I won first place in the American Surfing Association U.S. Championships and second place in the ISA World Championships. I have also placed in the finals in many local surfing contests in the South Bay. Also competed in these surfing leagues- National Scholastic Surfing Association and the Western Surfing Association.

We have been teaching surfing and water safety professionally since 1989. Join over 8000 successful students! I am an In Home Teacher for Manhattan Beach Unified School District and am working on a Masters Degree in Special Education At Cal State Dominguez Hills. We took Red Cross Lifeguarding, EMT and Water Safety Instructor classes at El Camino College.

For private or small group surfing lessons contact Vince Ray 310-291-4378