Hermosa Surf Camp Ages 7-17
Change Your Life, Learn To Surf! Since 1989.
Friendship Circle Surf Camp For Students Wih Special Needs
How We Compare To Other Surf Camps
Private and Group Surfing and Bodyboard Lessons - All ages.

     Aloha this is Vince Ray and we have been teaching surfing since 1989 and have had the Hermosa Surf Camp since 1992!
We live and love the healthy athletic surfing lifestyle and want to share it with you!

We now offer stand-up paddle board (SUP) lessons! Surfing and SUPing can be a difficult sports to learn, but with our
special teaching techniques, one-on-one attention, safe conditions and correct equipment you will have fun riding waves
your first time.
     Safety is our first concern so you will be surfing at a sandy beach in front of a manned Lifeguard Tower. You will ride
small waves on our safe and fun BZ softsurfboards.
     Try different size boards! We have body boards, surfboards from 5' to 11' length and stand-up paddleboards. We will be
in the water with you, helping you handle the board, paddle-out and catch waves correctly.
     Our instructors are experienced surfers and teachers. Four of our instructors have California Teaching Credentials and
work in the local schools.
     During the summer, we offer the Hermosa Surf Camp at http://hermosasurfcamp.com/page38.php sponsored by
Spyder Surfboards, Hurley and Kinecta Federal Credit Union. The camp is for ages 7 to 17. Classes are Monday through
Friday, (nine- five day sessions), June through August. This is our 25th anniversary of the Hermosa Surf Camp!
     In our sixth year is The Friendship Circle Surf Camp  at http://hermosasurfcamp.com/page5.php for students with
special needs. Surf classes have a 2:1 teacher-to student ratio for safety and a lotof one-on-one attention. Call The
Friendship Circle at 310-283-5859 or
Website:http://gotfriends.com/ for more info.
      We also offer the
Hermosa Beach Vanguard Skate Camp Presented by  Element  Skateboards for kids 4 to 17 during
the week (M-F) in the summer and on the weekends in the winter at the Hermosa Beach Skate Park (located at 710 Pier
ave. and 1300 Ardmore ave. HB). For more information click here:

     These classes are administered by the City of Hermosa Beach Community Resources Department.

Join over 8000 successful students. You are guaranteed to ride a wave your first lesson!

To Register for Hermosa Surf Camp,
Hermosa Beach Friendship Circle Surf Camp
or the Hermosa Beach Skateboard Camp Call:

310-318-0280 or click here- www.hermosabch.org

For private or small group surfing lessons:      
      The private or small group surfing lessons and surfing birthday parties are for all ages and are held in Manhattan Beach,
5 1/2 miles south of LAX airport at a LA County Lifeguard Tower. To Register: Vince Ray at 310-370-1918.
Click here- http://hermosasurfcamp.com/page40.php  

For more information or to sign up click on:
Lessons and Classes Available- at the top of this page or click at-
(or call Vince Ray at Cell 310-291-4378, 310-370-1918 or E-mail-


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